Igino Vaccari Academy

Adults Course

Adults piano students are very welcome. Whether you’re starting piano studies for the first time, or finally returning to piano lessons after years of absence, your lessons will be designed around you!

I focus on making the music learning process a completely enjoyable and immediately rewarding experience. You can have fun playing piano straight away, and make the music you want to make. Playing the piano is a great hobby, it can be challenging at times, but with the right attitude, anyone can learn to play.

Once you embark on your journey of trying to replicate what inspired you to learn the piano, you’ll discover a wonderful series of challenges and rewards. And you’ll quickly learn that the process of learning the piano is equally satisfying as completing a goal or learning something you thought you could never do.

Every person possesses some level of creativity, whether they realize it or not. Learning the piano is a gateway to the arts and it allows you to tap into your creative side helping you draw parallels between music and other art forms. It allows you express your creativity and you’ll experience a new richness and beauty to life.