Vladimir Sofronitzy plays Schubert/Liszt Der Erlkonig

The total over-identification and ability to create musical images of a legendary pianist.

The Erlking

Who rides so lately through night and wind?
It's the father with his child;
He's got the boy in his arm,
He holds him safely, he keeps him warm.

"My son, why do you hide your face so anxiously?"
"Don't you see the Erlking, father?
The Erlking with crown and coat?"
"My son, it's a streak …

Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli plays Albeniz Malagueña Rumores de la Caleta

Piano was invented in Italy, but it replaced the harpsichord thanks to Germany and England.  Muzio Clementi, who started the specific teaching of the instrument, was born in Rome but worked in England. Ferruccio Busoni, ruler of the concert scene, was born in Empoli but worked in Germany.  Only in the twentieth century appeared the first Italian who could compete with the most important pianists of other nations: it was …

Georges Cziffra plays Couperin Les Barricades Mystérieuses

A fascinating performance of a "mysterious" music written for harpsichord in 1717

As the background music of this web site you can listen to this beautiful piece of music written for harpsichord in 1717 by François Couperin, whose "mysterious" title is probably meant to be evocative rather than a reference to a specific object, musical or otherwise.

The work, written in rondeau form employing a variant of the traditional romanesca in …