Chopin Fantaisie Op. 49 Autograph Manuscript

Chopin Scherzo N. 3 Op. 39 Autograph Manuscript

Chopin Polonaise-Fantaisie Op. 61 Autograph Manuscript

Chopin Sonata N. 3 Op. 58 Autograph Manuscript

Meade "Lux" Lewis plays "Honky Tonk Train Blues"

Meade "Lux" Lewis (1905-1964) was an American pianist and composer, known for his contributions to the development of boogie-woogie music. 

Born in Chicago, Illinois, he began playing piano at an early age and was influenced by the blues and jazz music that was popular in the city.  He became a professional musician in the 1920s and quickly gained a reputation for his lively and energetic piano playing. 

Lewis was a member of …