Igino Vaccari Academy

Masterclass Course

Is music becoming your profession?

It is certainly an exciting time, but planning a musical career can be a path full of challenges.

Your piano studies are over and you find yourself facing many difficult choices such as:

  • Prepare repertoire guidelines to be developed based on professional needs
  • Build recital programs that have a profound logic and an intrinsic reason for being
  • Select and face the tests of national and international
  • Analyze the history of interpretation and compare the interpretative choices of the great pianists of the past
  • Focus on the particular sound that distinguishes each author
  • deepen the quality of your sound in order to be able to convey musical emotions
  • Improve your technical skills, expanding your dynamic and agogic potential
  • Apply gestures to musical communication
  • Update with the latest historically informed methodologies
  • Open yourself to new, original interpretative perspectives

I consider myself a serious, experienced and professional guide. I can be really helpful in helping you become a better player and find your unique and personal vision of Music.