My students absolutely love learning "River Flows In You" by Yiruma. 

It’s a beautiful piece and it falls nicely under the hands. 

It is built upon a simple 4 chord harmonic pattern that repeats for the entire song and it only has a few technically challenging parts. 

Every student that hears it loves it and wants to learn it too. 

When my students start exploring Yiruma’s other pieces, "May Be" is the next most popular choice. 

It has a beautiful melody and similar to "River Flows In You", the keys fall nicely under your hands which makes it play easier than it sounds. 

If you would love to have a whole collection of music like "River Flows In You" at your fingertips, this book is for you.

It features 24 contemporary piano favorites. "Bella’s Lullaby", "Kiss The Rain", "Watermark" and "All Of Me" have been popular selections from this book that my students have enjoyed. 

You can find this book on both Amazon and Sheet Music Plus.

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