Igino Vaccari Academy

Preschoolers Course

Learning music at a young age can be a wonderful headstart for your child.

I focus of creativity, play and games-based learning in all my lessons and provide developmentally appropriate lessons for preschool students.

Starting music lessons at a young age is extremely beneficial in many different ways:

  • By studying music, children learn to recognise patterns visually and aurally which can help with understanding maths and other subjects in school.
  • Studies have shown that learning a musical instrument can actually create new pathways between the left and right side of the brain that wouldn’t exist otherwise.
  • Music lessons can also help students to develop better hand-eye coordination and finger dexterity.
  • Beginning young also makes a big difference in students’ rhythm skills throughout their life.
  • Studying music and understanding that practice pays off can also foster persistence and grit which is a huge boost for life in general.

Finally, the most important aspect in my opinion: learning and playing music has to be fun. And starting at a young age is the best way to ensure your child will have a love and understanding of music for life.